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Agitator Support Structure For Chorate Mixing Tank Anode Holding Arrangements In Wire Zincing Tray Specialy Designed Support Holding Plates For Absorption Tower Fume Less Pickling for Wire Inline Pickling Line Corrosion Proof Chemical Processing Plant Equipments Manufacturer India  

Hi-tech range of Industrial FRP Products, GRP products, fume blowers, fume Hoods, PP FRP, PVDF FRP, fume Scrubbers, Sheet Pickling tanks, Batch Pickling Tanks, for wire, strips, FRP sheet, GRP sheets, Equipments for corrosive chemicals, Fiberglass reactors, PVDF electroplating tanks  and PP, PVC, PVDF FRP, GRP, Glass Fiber , Fiberglass Products for many more applications for storage reaction handling etc.

About Us

Corrosion is a major problems that is facing the Industrial sector who are in chemical plants ,pharmaceutical plants, steel pickling lines all over the world at present. There is a growing consciousness of the fact that suitable selection  of material of construction can save a lot on loss due to corrosion of equipments and surrounding structures. The acid fume exhaust or extraction systems with efficient scrubbing devices can control such corrosions.

Shivas Projects India Pvt. Ltd. understand the importance of industrial pollution control and is aiding a wide spectrum of industries with an assortment of  equipments designed and fabricated using best quality engineering plastic composites . We manufacture PP-(Polypropylene)-PVC-(Polyvinyl Chloride)-PVDF-(Polyvinyl Dine Fluoride) FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Chemical Processing Equipments and Air Pollution Control Systems and Inline continuous Pickling Equipment for applications in a wide range of Industrial activities..

 We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplierof  absorbers towers, fume blowers, fume exhaust systems, fumeless pickling lines for wire, Electro Pickling, Zincing, Zincking and Galvanizing line and equipments, PP or PPH FRP Pickling tanks and trays, fume extraction systems, fume hoods and duct work, Equipments for corrosive chemicals, chemical reactors, acid or chemical storage tanks, hypo reactors, fume control systems, FRP sheets, gratings, domes, FRP electric motor covers, guards, fiberglass pipeline, PP-PVC-PVDF-FRP-FRVE products etc. The company specializes in large size Hoods construction for Pulp Bleach washers, RGP Bleach, Brown Stock Washer Lines


As a reputed service provider, we offer value added turnkey services for Industrial Fume Control Systems, Pickling Lines, Chemical Process Industries, Acid and chemical storage and Handling etc. We export our products to Nepal, Bangladesh, Africa, Sri Lanka and also in the Middle Eastern countries. Our company has alliances with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the Indian Manufacturers Association (IMA).

Director Profile


  • Graduate Engineer 1985 Batch

  • Rotary International Alumni

  • Chartered Engineer

  • Life Member Indian Association For Air Pollution Control

  • Indian Value Engineering Society

  • Member All India Management Association

  • Fellow Member Institution Of Directors

  • Mentor For Students Of Bits Pillani

  • Member CII

  • Member Industrial Area Manufacturers Association

  • Life Member for Charitable Trust " PARYAS"

  • Associated Member Consumers Association Of India


  • Graduate Engineer 1985 Batch

  • Fellow Member Institution Of Directors


  • Member CII

  • Member Industrial Area Association

  • Past President Rotary Club Ghaziabad North

  • Chairman Pulse Polio -NID Management

  • Member Board Of Directors Rotary Club Ghaziabad North. 



  • Air Pollution Equipments: Wet Scrubbers, Gas Absorbers, Duct-Work, Packed Columns, Venturi Scrubbers, Bag Houses, Cyclones, Centrifugal Frp Blowers, Centrifugal Grp Fans, Hoods and Covers, etc.

  • Extraction Systems and Blowers: Fume Extraction Systems, Gas Extraction Systems, Dust Extraction Systems, Sieve Tray Scrubbers, Bubble Cap Scrubbers, etc.

  • FRP / GRP Process Equipments for Liquids: Storage Tanks for Acids & Chemicals, Reaction Vessels & Acid Oil Tanks, Pickling Rinsing Tanks & Trays, Chlorination Towers, Hypo Reactors, Graphite Tube Heat Exchangers, Chlorine Di Oxide Plants & Equipments, Electric Motors Covers, etc.

  • Wire Pickling Lines & Equipments: Fumeless Pickling Lines, Fumefree Pickling Lines, Galvanizing Lines, Electrolytic Process Equipments, Electro Plating tanks ,Batch Pickling tanks for Wire Sheets and Pipes etc.

  • Products For Pulp And Paper Industry: Chlorine Di Oxide Plants and its equipments , ClO2 Absorption Towers, Hypo Tanks , Large Size Bleach washer Hoods, Static Mixtures, Hypo Reactors etc.

  • Other Products and Spares: Agitators, Pipelines & Pipe Fittings, Protective Coatings, Butterfly Type Dampers, Spray Headers, Chemical Wash Stations, Electroplating Tanks, Pulp Washers, Equipment for Water & Sewerage Treatment Plants, Vibration Isolators for Ducts, Special Fabricated Equipment, Acid Heating, Wiping Devices, Mist Separators, Mist Demisters, Charge Tanks, Metering Tanks, PP PPH Pickling Tanks, Electro Plating Tanks In PVC FRP Lined Construction , PVDF FRP tanks for Chrome plating etc.

Why Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic:

Properly designed and fabricated Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) has been used in the construction of corrosion resistant equipment since the early 1950 s and is the preferred material of construction for a wide variety of corrosive applications including Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4), Bleach (NaOCl), Caustic (NaOH), Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) and Alum.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) has been used to fabricate many different types of process equipment for severely corrosive applications in the chemical process industry, the pulp and paper industry, and the power and mining industry.  Properly designed and fabricated, FRP can be used to construct storage tanks, scrubbers, hoods, duct , piping and many other unique, one of a kind process applications.


- Exceptional service life expectancy with proper selection of Resins.
- Highly resistant to a wide range Acids, Caustics, Chlorides, Solvents and Oxidizers 
- Will not rust, crack, chip, peel or rot
- Minimal maintenance cost.  Inexpensive to repair/refurbish/modify
- Higher strength to weight ratio than steel
- Light weight
- Does not require cathodic protection
- Non-conductive but can be made electrically conductive
- Easy to field modify/repair



All equipments manufactured at Shivas Projects India Pvt. Ltd. are designed as per authorized international standards like :British Standards (BS), Indian Standards (IS), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and other relevant codes.


Besides these compliances, we have also received huge applauds and recognition for our qualitative range of products from Govt. of India. Operating primarily from Ghaziabad, a Uttar Pradesh region, the company has achieved "Quality Award", specifically from Govt. of U.P, as well.


Using latest production techniques, we produce technologically sophisticated and dimensionally accurate products which will provide steady, consistent & smooth operations. At Shivas Projects India Pvt. Ltd., we follow the below mentioned steps to ensure quality standards are maintained:

  • Stringent quality control policies

  • Regular monitoring of various manufacturing processes

  • Facilitating continual improvement in quality

  • Checking outgoing product to negate any defects

  • Regularly reviewing of individual product.


Shivas Projects India Pvt. Ltd. has a world class infrastructural setup, well-equipped with advanced production machines and tools. There are several departments at our workplace facilitating organized production and delivery. Each department is provided by adequate staff having excellent industry knowledge and expertise.

Why Us?

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure having advanced machinery

  • Customer oriented & flexible approach

  • Customized production

  • International quality standards

  • Team of experienced professionals

  • Vast global dealership network

  • Adherence to the timely delivery

  • Complete transparency in all business dealings.



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