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Experience our range of high-quality FRP pultrusion profiles

Standard FRP Profiles

Including angle beams, channels beams, H-sections, T-sections profiles. Engineered for durability and precision, these profiles provide reliable solutions for a variety of applications.

Customized FRP Profiles

We specialize in designing and manufacturing customized FRP pultrusion profiles according to your specific requirements, providing tailored solutions for your projects.

Connectors and Accessories

From circular to square tubes, three-way to four-way connectors, these FRP components ensure seamless integration, durability, and reliability in every connection.

Our Story

Tstar Composites is a dedicated manufacturer specializing in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) profiles. With a focus on quality and precision, our range includes versatile profiles like angle beams, channels beams, H-sections, T-sections profiles and other shapes, serving diverse industries. Committed to excellence, we take pride in delivering reliable solutions tailored to project needs. Explore the Tstar difference for dependable and enduring composite material solutions.”

Alexandra Turner

Exceptional quality and durability! Tstar Composites delivered precisely what our project needed. Their FRP profiles are a testament to reliability and innovation.

Ethan Reynolds

Impressed with the versatility of Tstar’s fiberglass profiles. The channels and angle beams provided the structural support we required. Highly recommended!

Liam Patel

Reliable and enduring solutions! Tstar’s FRP profiles, including channels and angle beams, proved instrumental in the success of our construction project. Great work!

Tailored FRP Solutions for Every Industry

Unlock the potential of our versatile FRP profiles. From chemical processes to power generation, our tailored solutions ensure durability and reliability in diverse applications. Explore how Tstar’s innovation meets your industry needs.

FRP Crossarm Solutions: Elevating Power Transmission Infrastructure

Upgrade power transmission with Tstar’s FRP Crossarms—expertly designed for superior insulation, corrosion resistance, and UV durability. Outperforming traditional materials, our crossarms ensure exceptional reliability in challenging conditions. Experience enhanced efficiency and longevity in power distribution networks with Tstar’s FRP Crossarms.

Chemical Industry Solutions:

Optimize chemical plant operations with Tstar’s FRP Profiles—crafted for chemical resistance, corrosion resilience, and UV durability. Surpassing traditional materials, our profiles ensure reliability in demanding conditions. Elevate efficiency and longevity in chemical processes with Tstar’s FRP Profiles.

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